What I really hate more than anything is when I am in a relationship and  ex watches me to see who is there with me….. Um it is none of your business, so I am going to say this nicely, do not  I repeat do not come to my place of employment just to watch me I am not ok with this. Maybe next I see you I will call security and have you kicked out

Okay. I know I have not reblogged or posted anything lately. It is because I am going to school full time Monday thru Friday and then I work almost full time and then I have to squeeze in family time along with time with my boyfriend. So please forgive me for not posting much lately. I will try to post as much as I can !!! Thank you guys for still following me. I love all of my followers !

How to finish that last minute assignment








I can not count the number of times this trick has saved my ass.

And people say Tumblr doesn’t teach you life skills…

this will come in handy one day


Reblogging for future reference..

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When you say something please actually mean it and do it. Instead getting my hopes up and crashing me.

My morning

I needed to get a pack of smokes this morning so I head up to the gas station I always go to and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hey hun how are you ?

Clerk: I am good. How can I help you ?

Me: Can I have a pack of Newport shorts, please ?

Clerk: No.

Me: Yes.

Clerk: No.

Me: Why not ?

Clerk: Cause I said so. I hated when my mom tld me tht.

Me: I know the feeling, my mom tells me tht all the time.

The joys of being known at the local gas station